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Michael P Diemer, Composer

 I am a a self-taught composer of classical music. I compose for pleasure, and because I love classical music. My music is not for sale, but you may listen to it here anytime. My style may be best described as Impressionist, with strong nature imagery.


New Piece: In The Garden (Three Easter Scenes, No. 1)

In The Garden
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"Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.

Neveretheless, not my will, but Thine, be done."

In The Garden mp3 sound version copyright 2019 by Michael Diemer. All Rights Reserved.


IRONY - Michael Diemer
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BERCEUSE - Michael Diemer
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                                                           Two Moods For Orchestra                                                

        I: Irony                                                                                        II: Berceuse (lullaby And Good Flight)



Irony And Berceuse mp3 sound versions copyright 2018 by Michael Diemer. All Rights Reserved.


The following three pieces make up my Orchestral Suite, Three Winter Scenes:

SKATING - Michael P Diemer
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SOLSTICE - Michael P Diemer
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Late February - Michael P Diemer
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Late February: A Dream Of Spring

Skating, Solstice and Late February mp3 sound versions copyright by Michael Diemer, 2017. All Rights Reserved.


Here is a longer work, in one movement. It is based on a trip to the Gaspe Peninsula, in Quebec, Canada. This piece was strongly influenced by French composer Claude Debussy.

Le Rocher Perce - Michael P Diemer
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Le Rocher Perce refers to a gigantic offshore rock in the town of Perce, Quebec. While the music centers on that, it also portrays the many moods of the sea, the people of the Gaspe peninsula, as well as a side trip to Quebec City.

Le Rocher Perce mp3 sound version Copyright 2017 by Michael Diemer. All Rights Reserved.

All music is original and copyrighted. All rights reserved. No downloading or recording. This site is for listening only.

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